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The dairy farmers: Inglenook Dairy

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22 Sep 2022

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Hands down you’ll find some of the best tasting coffee here in Ballarat.  

How do we know? Well, let us tell you the story of Inglenook Dairy.  
The local farming family behind this iconic milk know their dairy, in fact, it’s been ingrained in their way of life for more than a century now. 
Starting out as a small 500-litre run, Inglenook Dairy has grown into a 25,000+ litres a week production – with their delicious milky drop now served at more than half of the city’s cafes and restaurants. 
We caught up with the Britt family to talk more about the Inglenook Dairy story…

Where did your dairy milk journey begin?  
Our dairy journey began back in the early 1900’s when Rachael’s grandparents’ house burned down and Granny Britt’s brother Jack Carew gifted her a bull and six cows which he drove (on foot) all the way from Beeac Victoria to Dunnstown. This was the start of the Inglenook Dairy herd. 
So, your family’s history with dairy milking dates back more than a century. Can you tell us about your family’s connection to Dunnstown and their contribution to the dairy industry?  
Rachael’s father Basil Britt was an avid dairy advocate for over 50 years till his passing in 2018. He was the driving force behind Ballarat local farmers making the move to supplying Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, making sure that the processing company took all the little farmers supply not just the large. So, many relationships have been formed for us through the hard work of Rachael’s father. The dairy industry is a very tight knit loyal Industry that we love being a part of. 
What inspired the name Inglenook?  
The name Inglenook is the name of the family farm. Granny Britt named it Inglenook many years ago. Inglenook means “cosy corner”. The farm was on a corner and surrounded by box hedge hence the name “cosy corner”. 
Over the years have you noticed any trends in people wanting to support local producers?  
There has been a significant increase in consumers wanting to support local. People are becoming more passionate about where their food comes from, food miles and of course quality. 
Where can people get (or taste) your milk in Ballarat?  
Our milk is available in a variety of places in Ballarat. We would have about 50% of the coffee market (hoping to increase this). All the local cafes that are passionate about supporting local use our products which is just amazing. We find we have quite the cult following of coffee lovers; after all 80% of a coffee is milk so pays to use the best. 
HOT TIP: You can purchase a bottle of Inglenook dairy from Wilsons Fruit or Veg and their full range of products from the Ballarat Mushroom Farm. Or, sit down for a coffee at one of Ballarat’s many cafes (including Websters Market & Café, Higher Society, Drive1816 Bakehouse, Mr Darby, Hydrant Foodhall and Cobb’s Coffee) and you’ll be served this popular milky goodness. 
What’s the secret to great tasting milk?  
Everyone always asks this question and the answer is simple, nothing. It is 100% milk, so it’s the old saying “you get what you pay for”. We don’t water it down or strip it out to make other products, it is just 100% milk, the way it should be. 
What do you love most about the Ballarat region? 
I love the amazing producers we have in the Ballarat region, there are so many hidden treasures. We actually have quite an amazing food bowl in Ballarat and surrounds and it is so wonderful to see local restaurants and cafes getting behind our wonderful producers. I love that Ballarat is now considered a foodie destination. We are really coming a long way in this area thanks to some amazing new ventures. 
What’s Ballarat’s best kept secret? 
Dunnstown of course. Home of Inglenook Dairy, G Handmade Soaps, Enbom Honey, Spring Creek Organics, Cottonwood Springs and endless other sheep, potato farms. Also, within a stone’s throw is Millbrook Eggs, Zed and Co Pork and Yendon Gourmet Tomatoes. There is also a walnut farm close by. There are just so many amazing producers in our home town and surrounding area.  
What are the top three recommendations of things to do in Ballarat?  
1. All places that use Inglenook Dairy milk (best coffee in town)  
2. The Ballarat Wildlife Park is fantastic day out (book a koala cuddle; amazing)  
3. Have to say Kirks Reservoir is an amazing place for a picnic 

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