KangaMix - Summer Pop Up Class

What is KangaMix ?

KangaMix is our flexible Outdoor Program.

Your Kangatrainer has her choice between following classes:

KangaOnWheel – workout with baby in the pram

KangaTrail – hiking with your baby

Kangatraining - your original Kangatraining workout in the great outdoors or inside if weather is not ideal !

The structure of these classes can be ‘mixed’ together to incorporate elements of different workouts OR switch the entire workout them from one week to another.

Core control, cardiovascular endurance and functional strength are the focus of KangaMix. We want to improve the ‘daily life’ with your baby.

Why is Kangatraining the most recommended post natal exercise for new mums?

* It involves movement WITH your baby

* Experienced instructors with baby wearing knowledge

* You are working SAFELY to help strengthen your core

* Instructors will check you for how far apart you are with diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and adjust your workouts accordingly

* Pelvic floor exercises and tips

* It's a safe space to meet other mums and workout together

* Mumma gets a break while baby sleeps

* It's FUN!!

These and many more reasons why you should COME TO A CLASS!

21 Jan 2020 | 9:30am
Tue Jan 21 2020 at 09:30 am

233 Larter St, Golden Point 3350 Australia

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KangaMix - Summer Pop Up Class

233  Larter St  Golden Point,  3350  Australia

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