Winner winner, chicken dinner

The boys behind Moon & Mountain are at it again, this time putting their own spin on finger-licking fried chicken.

Deluxe fried chicken joint Winner Winner is the latest Ballarat venture from Teddy Powlett and chef Liam Downes, the dynamic duo making a big name for themselves on the local food scene.

Having opened its doors in Armstrong Street North earlier this month, Winner Winner has already got the punters egg-cited (come on, we had to do it!).

We spoke to Teddy to find out what all of the fuss is about.

How did you and Liam meet?

“It was a balmy night in late August… Nah, I was looking to start a modern Asian restaurant (Moon & Mountain) and was in need of a head chef. I met Liam through a mutual friend in the industry. We were on the same page with direction and concepts (more than one) so we hit it off instantly.”

What’s the story behind Winner Winner?

“It was one of the first concepts we thought of, along with Moon & Mountain. One of Moon & Mountain’s biggest sellers is the Korean Fried Chicken and chicken baos. Places like Belles in Melbourne and Pelicana in New York were big inspirations in moving the concept forward. We saw a shop for lease walking back to work one day and it was a great spot. Basically, within the week, we had the lease and were underway.”

Sum up the Winner Winner menu in a couple of sentences…

“Deluxe fried chicken, great portions, sides and sauces to die for.”


Tell us about the different “heats” on offer...

“We say start low and work your way up. Southern fried is very mild. From there, we build up the spice with seasoning and chilli oils that we make in-house. The Too Hot is a mix of dried Carolina Reaper chilli, special hot sauce from the USA and our own blend of spices. It’s not for the faint-hearted and we haven’t had many people test it yet. It made me cry for about 20 minutes.”

Any crowd favourites so far?

“The tenders and sandwiches have been going crazy. We’ve been told our chips are the best in Ballarat (by my mum) and the old school potato salad is a favourite.”

Is fried chicken the ultimate hangover cure?

“I’ve never been hungover so I’m not sure, but we seem to get a lot of people in for lunch that look a bit sorry for themselves coming in and they leave happier. We expect Sunday lunches to be a hot one for that crowd. A few Bloody Mary’s might help it too. “

Winner Winner
32 Armstrong St Nth, Ballarat