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The Made of Ballarat story

Made of Ballarat

24 Jun 2019

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So what is Made of Ballarat? And what does it actually mean?

Firstly, it’s not Made in Ballarat – it’s Made of Ballarat.

It’s an attitude, a pride and a love of our city and everything in it.

As Visit Ballarat’s new destination brand, Made of Ballarat is designed to be different, unexpected and perhaps even a little controversial.

It is working hard to pique interest and challenge some long-held misconceptions about our storied city and what it has to offer as a place to visit.

Ballarat is vibrant, ever-evolving and has so much to offer – Made of Ballarat provides the perfect vehicle to tell this story.


While Ballarat’s metallic riches reached legendary status long ago, an uncertain something lives on in the people and produce of today, something born out of that same magical soil.

It’s a disruptive spirit bound to the turbulence of a tumultuous past.

It’s an enduring strength, a can and will do attitude.

It’s a rebellious nature born to challenge the status quo.

It’s a depth, a richness, an indefinable character.

It’s an undercurrent of productivity and craftsmanship that is driving the town forward culturally.

It’s an air of restless energy that’s inspiring positive change.

It’s a vehicle that promotes our entrepreneurial heritage, our earthly riches and our creative energy.

Welcome to Ballarat, where there’s still so much to be discovered, just below the surface.

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