A visit to St Ignatius will warm your soul. With wine making heritage expanding over three continents, including Italy and Argentina, St Ignatius is the house of the Australian Malbec. Makers of acclaimed Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay, this vineyard and winery is a viticultural and oenological experience like no other. St Ignatius is setting new standards of quality and treating each wine uniquely, with every grape hand-picked and every bottle made to perfection. Since 1992, they have been proudly growing single vineyard grapes and producing wines in-house with state of the art equipment and techniques, while endorsing the use of natural cork seals for all Premium Reds. If you're after an exclusive food and wine experience, don't miss out. Book the Argentine Grill today via winery web page. A ‘must do’ experience in Argentine slow food. St Ignatius is the Work of Nature.