23 Feb 2019 TO 08 Apr 2019


Between 23 February and 8 April the Art Gallery of Ballarat will present an exhibition of outstanding prints by one of the great masters of the twentieth century.

The Vollard Suite is regarded as one of the greatest print suites, and perhaps the most enigmatic and famous of the twentieth century. Comprising 100 intaglio prints it was made by Pablo Picasso between 1930 and 1937, commissioned by the Parisian art dealer and print publisher Ambroise Vollard.

The prints explore the enduring themes of history and creativity, ambition and achievement, fear and immortality, moral and physical fallibility, male sexuality and obsession.

The National Gallery of Australia is one of the few cultural institutions in the world to hold the complete suite of 100. Picasso: The Vollard Suite is a National Gallery of Australia exhibition. Ballarat is the only Victorian venue for this national tour.