Putting a contemporary spin on Australian bushfoods

A new concept store showcasing the finest of Australian bushfood products and ingredients has opened in Buninyong.

Located in an historic cellar, Saltbush Kitchen is designed to showcase both the beauty of the Australian environment and the vibrancy of native bushfoods.

Owner and creator Brigid Corcoran has spent years tasting and experimenting with bushfoods, developing ways to deliver them in a contemporary setting.


“Bushfoods are a seamless part of my table,” Brigid said. “Steak is always cooked with pepperberry, my roast spuds are saturated in mountain pepper and, when sitting in the backyard in summer, I enjoy a glass of champagne and strawberry gum.”

A unique and exciting part of Saltbush Kitchen is the Flavour Play Spacewhere you can experience the amazing taste, complexity and diversity of flavours the Australian landscape has to offer. 


Each Flavour Box (pictured above) includes bushfoods and other spices common to Australian kitchens.  Take your time to mix and match to create new spice blends to introduce into your home. To make it a little easier, Brigid’s personal collection of cookbooks is available to inspire and guide you and she is also on hand to offer helpful tips.  

For the first time, Saltbush Kitchen is also selling Murnong plants — a staple food for the Wadawurrung people until the mid-1840s, when the introduction of sheep rendered this hillslope yam virtually extinct. 

Saltbush Kitchen is open Sundays between 10am and 5pm in Commercial St, Buninyong (down the lane off Warrenheip St). The range is also available online and at Melbourne’s Made of Ballarat Pop-Up Shop until April 24.