Earle Ballarat – Lascelles Terraces

There’s a couple of 19th century terraces in central Ballarat that pay tribute to the city’s history while celebrating the nouveau.

Owned by Melbourne-based creatives David Cook-Doulton and Martin Shew, Earle Ballarat – Lascelles Terraces have been renovated with such respect and creativity that you’ll be forgiven for wanting to stay in their walls forever.

As soon as David and Martin purchased the terraces a few years back, they could see the potential inherent in them.

“We’ve always loved Ballarat and the community as a whole respects its architecture,” David says.

“We wanted to preserve the heritage of the terraces but give them a new lease in life. In contrast to Melbourne’s houses which are pillaged and destroyed, Ballarat’s have managed to maintain their character.”

Each of the three terraces has its own distinct personality, respecting the original character of the homes (you’ll find the original cornices, fireplaces, and skirting restored to their former glory) while adding an elegant and modernised dimension that perfectly complements the heritage.


The terrace walls are adorned with statement art pieces, large-scale mirrors, exposed bricks, and bold colours with the carefully-selected fittings and furnishings completing the very boutique feel the guys were going for from the get-go.

“We knew there was a gap in the market in Ballarat for boutique-style accommodation with a bit of an edge,” Martin says.

“When people travel from Melbourne, they like to bring a little bit of the city with them.

“Each apartment will appeal to different tastes. One of the terraces has the bright and lighter colours whereas the other is more soulful and moody. They’re complementary houses but in all instances you will come in and feel great.”

And with a beautifully landscaped outdoor entertainment area (shared between the terraces), the accommodation is sure to provide you with a place to stay as well as a place to relax, entertain, and enjoy all that historic nouveau has to offer.

“With any renovation it’s important to live there and get to know the house. I think houses like people have personalities so you want to make sure they’re dressed appropriately and I think we’ve done that,” David says.

Earle Ballarat – Lascelles Terraces is located at 6-8 Errard Street North, Ballarat.Enjoy luxurious, boutique accommodation right in the heart of Ballarat.