26 May 2018 TO 27 May 2018


Showcasing the rich heritage history of Ballarat – think horse and carriages, grand old buildings, steam trains, vintage fashion and much more – Ballarat Heritage Weekend will give you a glimpse of yesteryear in a fun and innovative way.

This year, the event’s theme will focus on ‘100 Years of Technology and Innovation’, using modern technology like virtual reality and smartphones to explore and celebrate the cities past. Virtual reality tours of Ballarat above and below will transport you to the 1800’s, while quirky robots will tell the story of inventions and developments in technology over the past century.

Key events include a Fashion show showcasing one of the largest private collections of fashion history, a vintage bicycle ride in your best tweed, a concert playing a song from every year since 1918 and a competition for the best beard and stache going round.


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