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A collection of artefacts and photographs by John Quinn - Avoca


01 Feb 2019 TO 04 Mar 2019


“Liklik Samting Long Taim Bifor ” (Pidgin English for ‘Small Things from Times Past’)

John Quinn spent the years 1959-1975 in Papua New Guinea as a Patrol Officer-universally known to all in that country as a “Kiap". A Kiap’s main job was to provide ‘peace, order and good government’ to the local tribes people –some of whom had never seen a white man—in the various Districts which comprised that now independent country.

During his time in what were the Sepik, Gulf and Milne Bay Districts, John travelled widely on patrol, often for weeks at a time, through mountainous, jungle-covered terrain with only native footpads (no roads of course) to travel on, whilst keeping a sharp lookout for crocodiles when wading through rivers.

In Milne Bay, patrols visiting the various isolated villages and islands were carried out on a tiny work-boat– John is not a good sailor.

John purchased all of the articles on display from their owners and makers and has also provided some fascinating photos which help to illustrate those past times. With children not interested in retaining them, he hopes that they may end up in the homes of collectors who appreciate true and authentic works of art.