With clear skies and the pleasure of four distinct seasons, Ballarat’s climate is a refreshingly liveable blend of Australia and Europe.

The city is perfect for enjoying the outdoors in warmer months, appreciating open fires and rugging up in winter, and revelling in the showcase of spring and autumn.

Ballarat’s climate lends itself to a diverse range of seasonal events and activities, from cheering on the competitors in the Cycling Australia Road National Championships in January, to admiring the breathtaking blooms that autumn and the Ballarat Begonia Festival bring.

Admire the beauty of the spring season of arts and culture, and embrace the winter wonders at Sovereign Hill’s Winter Wonderlights.



What to expect in Ballarat weather-wise from month to month:

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 25.2
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 11
Mean rainfall (mm): 39.1

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 25.1
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 11.5
Mean rainfall (mm): 43.4

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 22.3
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 10
Mean rainfall (mm): 42.3

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 17.7
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 7.5
Mean rainfall (mm): 51

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 13.7
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 5.7
Mean rainfall (mm): 63.9

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 10.8
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 4
Mean rainfall (mm): 62.2

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 10.1
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 3.2
Mean rainfall (mm): 66.6

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 11.4
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 3.7
Mean rainfall (mm): 74

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 13.9
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 4.8
Mean rainfall (mm): 71.4

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 16.7
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 6.2
Mean rainfall (mm): 66

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 19.7
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 7.8
Mean rainfall (mm): 55.4

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 22.7
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 9.5
Mean rainfall (mm): 50.5

Mean maximum temperature (°C): 17.4
Mean minimum temperature (°C): 7.1
Mean rainfall (mm): 688.1


Source: Bureau of Meteorology